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Boost your body

by vika
boost your body

We demand so much from our body: little sleep, much power, looking good, make no troubles and not require a lot. Even if we have in mind to live healthy, we forget about it because we either do not have time, not enough passion, no patience or simply no idea what our body really needs. How should we? As long as everything works!

As soon as complaints arise – and I mean no diseases that genetic or something – we care. But why start doing something  if we can tackle the problem at it´s roots? So I try to be prepared. I try to prepare things once and use it for a while without having to deal with it every day.

This post will show you an example of what I mean. The idea came from my mother. And she got the idea from a work colleague who is Indian and is concerned with alternative medicines and natural based nutrition. Of course my mother, my grandmother and I tried it! And the ingredients are most convincing!

Minze, Ingwer und Granatapfel

Zutaten im Mixer

You need half tuber ginger, a large pomegranate and a bunch spearmint. The pomegranate fruit, the peeled ginger and the mint leaves come into a blender and have to be pureed into a homogeneous mass. Then you put the mass in a bottling jar and place it in the fridge. Now you can take a tablespoon of it with each meal or in between. I recommend to drink a swig after because it is not that tasty but perfectly tolerable – do not worry 😀 . Within 2 weeks you should use up the jar and make a new one.

So why you should try it? A quick glance at the ingredients and their properties suggests that your body will thank you. Without going into too much detail of the properties, here is a brief summary:

Ginger is rich in essential oils, has anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties, has a positive effect on the digestive tract, facilitates fat digestion, stimulates the appetite, acting anticonvulsant and revitalizing, stimulates all the organs, promotes circulation.

Mint is rich in essential oils, has a antispasmodic, relaxing and  effects, has a positive effect on the digestive tract and antiseptic and analgesic properties.

Pomegranate contains many vitamins and minerals, balance the blood sugar and reduce cholesterol, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant, stimulate digestion, can support a cancer therapy, are increases potency and sexual lust :P.

Cat smell

What does this tell us about? Correct: “Eat pomegranates for a healthy sex life.” No, just kidding! It simply tells us that we can do something for our body with little effort and with the help of nature! And sure, you can also take supplements and say “I do something for my body.” … but you can not compare supplements with natural ingredients because they are often produced synthetically and absorbed by the human body differently. In my opinion even supplements to a certain extent can be fine but, if I have the choice to achieve a positive effect by using natural based nutrition, I always would prefer this!



xoxo Vika

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