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love-hate relationship Instagram

by vika
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Instagram- a platform to inspire,  to exchange thoughts an to connect with each other. Actually a good thing that I am still excited for. But unfortunately there is also a dark side…

Most people who are active on Instagram and want to build a community, do research to grow its follower. There are different ways to do that: post beautiful pictures, like and comment other feeds, use hashtags, make shotouts and so on. Nevertheless there are other dishonorable options to grow its follower. And that’s exactly what I want to write in this post about. Not because I support this but because I am completely annoyed of it!  As I have already mentioned in my About Me I also want to write about my Thoughts and so here we are:

Possibility no. 1 is to buy Followers or Likes. But since I have no experience in doing that, I cannot go into more detail.

Possibility no. 2 – this is what I want to mention more in detail – is the follow- and unfollow – game. This means that you follow a person and if that person follow back, you unfollow. Because the other person do not recognize it, you get a new follower without following back. When you do this bad trick with many people, your follower grow.

And exactly this I experience CONSTANTLY and it annoys me! What is worth the whole thing?! Where is the meaning and purpose of it all? What is the point to get many follower by cheating and not acting honestly? Can I really say to myself that people follow me, because they are actually in love with my feed, do appreciate my person or like my posts? NO!

I’m not saying that you should never unfollow. Eventually your taste change, you do not like the posts anymore, the person is not active or there are other possible reasons. It is up to you. What just bothers me is this intentional follow and unfollow. This fraudulent acquisition of followers. I hope you know what I mean.

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For this reason there are Apps (link at the end of this post) which show people who unfollow. And honestly, I also use this App. Even if I like the feed and would like to follow this person, I unfollow too when I recognize the follow-unfollow-game. I´m honest, so I expect this from others too and I really don´t want to support this action. Because in my opinion honesty and humanity should go hand in hand here.

Aside from that I really like Instagram and many people who are active there. Therefore I can overlook the mentioned problems above. So thanks to my honest follower who follow me voluntarily!

xoxo Vika


Followers App: for iOs or for Android


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Esmée Rodrigo 26. April 2016 - 20:50

This is so true! All this tricks to get more followers, annoys me to! Often I think, do people follow me because they like me or do they follow me because I follow them?
It is so great to read that you feel this to.

Vika 26. April 2016 - 22:43

Yes, unfortunately this is the way many people do. But I have to say that I follow you because I really like you and your feed. Thank you, xo Vika ?

Chiara 26. April 2016 - 21:48

Gorgeous pictures! <3



vika 26. April 2016 - 22:07

Hey Chiara, thank you very much ?! Xo xo Vika


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