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Mother´s Day last minute ideas

by vika
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Shortly before the Mother´s Day (this year on 8th of May) you realize you have to find a lovely present for your mother. Similar situation I had today when I realized that I want to write a blogpost about the Mother´s day and just have limited time to do so (sorry, not into bloggerlife yet 😉 ). I´d like to create rather something – even if it’s just a little thing – than nothing. Besides sometimes, as is known, less is more. So, here we are 🙂 :

Therefore if you also have a lack of time or limited budged to organize a lavish gift, but still want to give pleasure to your mother … or you simply looking for an inspiration, then take a look at my following ideas.

Idea #1:

If you live at home or have your mother’s house keys, you can distribute little notes with a message in the whole house. This will conjure a smile in your mother´s face for sure! Put the notes everywhere! The following short messages I have devised as examples:

mothers day quote

  1. Thanks that you are always there for me!

  2. Happiness is knowing that you are in my life!

  3. You make me a good person, Mum!

  4. Your mother love gives me strength!

Idea #2:

Similar to the idea of the notes you can also grab a jar or a small box and roll pieces of paper to make vouchers. They    don´t need to have a material value but can give support. Here are some examples:

  1. You had been so good to me, I´ll give you a massage for new vitality!

  2. Babysitting is my job today, seize the moment to go your way!

  3. I want to read the desires from your eyes and clean the windows to be nice!

  4. Do you feel like doing a shopping day? I´m your bag carrier okay?

Idea #3:

Like I said, less is sometimes more. That’s why I think it’s lovely to decorate a wonderful table or a serving tray with a homemade paper flower, prepare a cup of coffee or tea with a delicacy … and lay a nice heartwarming letter as well. When the whole has a vintage touch with beautiful ornate script, your mother will see the effort.


Idea #4: 

Not expensive but also an outstanding idea for Mother’s Day, is a recordable greeting card (click here). So you have the opportunity to record a short personal message. Of course, you can also personalize the card by decorating with a photo and kind words.

Idea #5: 

As you probably noticed I love beautiful snapshots. That’s why I think it’s wonderful to put these moments in the limelight, especially there are various options to do so:

  1. tinker a heart-shaped photo collage
  2. personalized printed magnets (just linked in German post because not tried in other countries yet)
  3. create a photo book (also short version, experiences in Germany only)

Idea #6: 

Finally, I would refer to a post of mine in which I recommended a recipe to boost your body (click here). That would be a great idea for a Mother´s day gift too. So you not take care of your body only but also think of people you love – in this case your mother. And of course, you can decorate the bottling jar with a special pen for glasses or something.

If you do not like the healthy option, you can  also make homemade strawberry limes.

Strawberry limes recipe:
  • puree 3,3 Ibs of strawberries
  • stir 1,3 Ibs of sugar into 1 pint of water and bring it to the boil until the sugar disintegrate
  • then allow the caused sugar syrup to cool down and mix the whole with the strawberry puree and about 1 pint of lemon juice
  • fill the strawberry limes into a bottle. Et voilà – done!

cake purple


Hope you found some inspiration. So bless and be blessed, my loves. Thanks for reading!


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joannamatt 27. April 2017 - 7:24

Its been almost a year,yet this post feels so fresh and so dear.The best gift a mother can get is some quality time with their children from their busy schedule.


vika 27. April 2017 - 21:35

Thank you :)! I totally agree! X Vika


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