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Rhodes – memories

by vika

In September 2015 (we always had at least 26 degrees) I enjoyed a vacation on Rhodes – a beautiful Greece island. The clear water, the beautiful bays, the mountains, the small cafes, the fantastic harbor – all this is a part of this wonderful place.

Rhodes residential area

Rhodes residential area

Unfortunately my budget – as I´m a student- was limited. Nevertheless I had enough possibilities to explore parts of the island. The self-organization of excursions and not knowing where you go at all had something exciting and makes this holiday even more memorable. When I think back, I remember not only my experiences but also to the people there. Whereas they work all day,  aren´t rich and cope with a crisis, they are open-minded, accommodating and exude a joie de vivre.

In my opinion we should take these people as role models instead of always comparing visually or materially. Even the corners and edges of this place made me feel comfortable an gave me a feeling of humanity.


If you are on Rhodes, you really have to visit the WaterPark Faliraki. There you will find a wide variety of slides – whether big or small. You can enjoy a wonderful view and feel close to the sun. You can spend all day with sunbathing, sliding, swimming and just having fun. The slides are simply SENSATIONAL! But be careful because some are crazy too :D!


This place is magical. As our hotel was located about 43 miles from Lindos we have booked a boat trip. To our surprise the ship had recumbencies on deck. We were able to enjoy not only the shipping and the wonderful breeze but sunbathe, drink and enjoy life to the fullest. In addition the ship has held twice and we had the opportunity to swim midst of the Mediterranean Sea- an indescribable feeling! Arrived in Lindos we didn´t know what we should discover first: the beautiful old town, the Acropolis, the beach or the incredible bay with wonderful clear water! There are monkey used as means of transport because the streets are so narrow. Unfortunately this is the dark side of this place because I felt sorry for the monkeys. But well nevertheless this place is just beautiful and worth to see.


xoxo Vika


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Palmtrease 5. April 2016 - 19:07

I loved how you wrote about the feeling of comfort and humility Greece gave you.
It is special that you noted how you felt during your experience first and commented how the physical aspect of humanity should be second to how they treat you.
I have been wanting to visit Greece for a long while now, was thinking of Santorini.
Thank you for this post.

My modeling&graphic art portfolio/blog is
http://www.palmtrease.com if you want to share the love and support the community 🙂 Much love sister

vika 6. April 2016 - 3:34

Thank you so much for your kind words <3! I heard that Santorini is a lovely place too. I would recommend get to know their culture. Sure I will visit your blog! Xoxo Vika

Esmée Rodrigo 5. April 2016 - 23:09

Rhodos is such a special place, I love how you write and your pictures. This is a lovely post!
I remember that when I was there, I also felt sorry for the Donkey’s.
I came here by your instagram 🙂

vika 6. April 2016 - 3:38

Hello Lovely,
thank you very much for your support. I already visited your blog and your instagram. I really really loved it. I would be pleased, if we stay connected! Xoxo Vika

Clorinda 6. April 2016 - 23:33

I’ve never been in Rhodes, -not even in Greece, actually,- but it is one of my deepest dream for a perfect summer holiday! I live in Italy and here somewhere there’s still the signs of the recent crisis so I can understand perfectly what you mean with this post about the people who live in these places. It’s so lovely and fascinating.


vika 7. April 2016 - 21:41

Thank you very much. I hope you can enjoy a perfect summer holiday in Rhodes soon. I love the Italian mentality and I want to go there for a roadtrip or something <3. xoxo Vika


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