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Summer Night Out – The Nudes (Video)

by vika
close look


Finally I have a fashionpost for you! The reason why I needed so much time to create a fashionpost is disgusting 😀 : I wanted to add a ‘get-ready-with-me-video’ on a wonderful summerday … but the weathersituation in Hamburg unfortunately  did not allow to do that; so I seized one late summer day to film a summer night outfit and here we are: 

I love nude colors in summer … combined with flowerprints, colorful nails, a beautiful makeup and nice jewelry the look is completed! In my opinion the outfit on itself is important but in addition to that hair and makeup can add a statement too.  That´s why I show you the whole process ….

First a few impressions:



schicke Sandaletten

Sommerdetails in nude

Shop the Look:



Here is the video. Thanks for watching! 

xoxo Vika

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