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toothy smile please!

by vika
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We all know this: the toothy smile from ads, magazines, on billboards , Instagram and other social media. Most of it is probably Photoshop, bleaching or fake teeth.

But maybe there is really a gentle and even healthy alternative? Sounds unrealistic? Yes that’s true. Often the genes determine the teeth brightness. Nevertheless, there is a way to whiten teeth naturally and counteract intrinsic tooth discoloration caused by coffee, nicotine or coloring of food. And this method I would like to introduce to you after testing it several times on myself. It called oil pulling.

How it works

loeffel-oelBefore starting with the actual oil pulling, it is recommended to clean the tongue first- with a tongue cleaner. Personally, I have additionally previously used dental floss, so that the spaces can be treated more effectively.  In addition to that it is recommended to have an empty stomach – so any bacteria that have accumulated overnight, can be flushed directly.

The next step is to put about one tablespoon organic cold-pressed oil in your mouth and rinse it about 15-20 minutes through the spaces between the teeth and the entire oral cavity – similar to a mouthwash (it is recommended to take new oil after about 4 minutes to prevent swallow the bacteria). Oils like coconut oil, linseed oil, sesame oil or sunflower oil are proven. In my experience coconut oil (has strong antibacterial properties) works the best because the other oils are disgusting 😀 bah!

After you have pulled the oil about 15-20 minutes – at first a bit strange, but really worth it 🙂 – you can spit out the liquid which become milky white.  Please be sure not to swallow the liquid because of the high concentration of toxins in it! Note: spit the oil out into the trash, so that you do not have to clean up after.

Then rinse with warm water and brush your teeth as usual.

PS:  During the whole procedure you can even dance, read something or take a look at Social Media 😉

Too much effort?

Now you probably ask yourself wether it is not too much effort for naturally white teeth? On the surface it seems so but oil pulling has many other advantages that are really great! Oil pulling contributes not only dental and oral hygiene but also has a high effect on detoxing your whole body:

In the Russian healing medicine but also in the Tibetan and Indian healing medicine oil pulling has been practiced to purify and detoxify the whole body and get rid of several diseases.  Some examples are migraine, skin issues, bronchitis, heart-and blood diseases. However, I´m not a doctor and do not want to take a too in-depth look at the subject.

Conclusion – my experiences:

Since this is my first post, you can probably imagine that I´m completely convinced of this method! Even though sharp tongue claiming that everything is a placebo effect. Of course it is important to practice oil pulling over a long period of time (1-2 months) in order to achieve the best results. Since you detoxing your body it is possible that you develop symptoms like coughing ore sniffing – so first I felt a little sick but better afterwards! I must confess that I am not a morning person. That´s why I sometimes have done oil pulling in the evening to achieve only the whitening.  If you really want to detox your body, please do oil pulling in the morning with an empty stomach.

Oil pulling can be repeated as often as you want. I try to do oil pulling at least twice a year.

If you also have experience or any questions, please let me to know in the comment section.

xoxo Vika

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